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Food Related

Food-Related Items - 2022 Benefit

Check back in October for 2023 items

Meals in Homes

The donor agrees to serve a meal at their home, unless otherwise specified, on a mutually agreeable date with the buyer. The donor specifies the number of people to be invited and usually designates a certain type of meal—anything from pizza to a brunch, a holiday meal, a home-style meat-and-potato meal, grilled meal, Amish meal, etc. After arranging the date, the buyer invites his/her guests to the meal. Unless otherwise noted, meals expire one year from this year's benefit. Meals donated for the 2022 Benefit included the following:

Not a meal in home, but it is take out ice cream! Yutz's Handmade Ice Cream will be sold as 4 gift certificates, each for one batch (6 quarts) of Yutz's Homemade Ice Cream to be used by November 1, 2023.

Ellis and Marcia Miller will serve a 5 Course Dinner for 12 on Tuesday, Sept 12, 2023, 6:00 pm. Weather permitting, dessert bar will be served on the patio. Sold by the plate.

Served at East Union Mennonite Church, rural Kalona, 16 people will enjoy a mystery dinner by Mary Miller and Grace Rempel on Feb 11, 2023, 6 pm. (Backup date Feb 23, 2023). Sold by the plate. A menu gives you clues to order food for each course. (This is NOT a murder mystery.)

Maria Boucher offers two dozen homemade tomales with homemade salsa. Choose chicken, pork, or a combination. Please call Maria at least a week in advance of date desired.

"Whodunit Mystery Dinner" for 8 people at Dan and Julie Fisher's Wellman home. Guests who will be participating will each be given a name and personality with costume suggestions.

Enjoy an outdoor wood-fired pizza dinner party for 8 people at Roger and Cindi Schrock's Frytown home.

One 9 x 13 pan of Cinnamon Rolls made by Maxine Mast each month for one year beginning January 2023. Please give 1 week notice. Delivered in Kalona; otherwise please pick up.  

Chinese dumpling meal for 6 people is offered by Isaac and Emily Hooley. Guests can choose to come and help make/assemble the dumplings or just come and enjoy the food.

The Great Bluegrass Herons will entertain you with a traditional family style meal for 6 followed by 45 minutes live music.

Nyle and Lauralee Kauffman offer a traditional family style meal for 6 people in their rural Iowa City home.

Marcia Miller and Lauralee Kauffman will serve a Ladies' Tea for 8 in Marcia's lovely rural Kalona home.

Warm up this winter with homemade soup delivered to your home from Joani and Carey Miller. You have two options: 1) Three deliveries of a quart of soup during November and December, or 2) Three quarts of one choice of soup all at the same time. Soup choices include: Chicken Tortellini, Curry - chicken or vegetable, Taco, or Corn Chowder.

Six people are invited to the home of Bob and Deb Derksen, Iowa City, for a four-course Wild game Dinner.

Twelve people can enjoy a Fried Chicken with all the trimmings, an Amish meal including dessert at Miller Homestead Cooking (Warren and Ila Miller), rural Kalona.

Warm up with a 4 course soup supper for 8 people at Marv and Grace Rempel's Frytown home this winter.

Roy and Janet Beachy will host 8-10 people for a pork dinner in Beachy's Kalona home.

Enjoy an old-fashioned, traditional meal at Loran and April Yoder's Frytown home for 10 people.

Experience an authentic Sri Lankan curry meal! This is for 8 people, made by Thushan and Jill Hemachandra, and delivered to the buyer's home. Your choice of pork or chicken curry, two sides (i.e., lentils, potatoes, green beans), and rice. 

Enjoy a fantastic Breakfast Buffet at Die Heimat Country Inn, Homestead, IA, on Tuesday, December 13th at 8:30 a.m. This meal will be sold by the plate, and up to 20 plates will be sold.

Other Food Items

The Sale will begin traditionally, with the sale of a home-made loaf of bread made and donated by Dr. Scott Eberly, Medical Director of Pleasantview Home.
Twin County Dairy, Inc donated the popular Jarlsberg and Baby Swiss wheels for many years. They are no longer in operation, but we will have this same cheese available in limited quantities this year.
Corn Meal
Kalona SuperNatural Organic Whole Milk, 2% Milk, Whole Chocolate Milk (all in 1/2 gallon size) and Eggnog donated by Kalona SuperNatural.
Several jars of Raw Honey produced by James Miller. Sizes may vary from the picture.
Kalona Chocolates
Three boxes of 15-piece Chocolates from Kalona Chocolates. The box will be empty - you take it to Kalona Chocolates and exchange it for any 15-piece fresh box of chocolates.
Several Cans of Peanuts donated anonymously.
Bucket of Peanuts, Steak Seasoning and Steak Sauce from Texas Roadhouse, Coralville
Boyd's Bologna
Turtle cheesecake (similar to picture) made and donated by Dan Fisher.
Several dozen of eggs donated by Farmers Hen House
Beef and Pork packages
Locally grown beef and pork (USDA inspected) will be sold in frozen packages.
Boyd's Bologna
Boyd's Bologna