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Quilts and Comforters

Quilts, comforters, baby quilts, and wall hangings—find them all at the Pleasantview Benefit. What is the difference between a comforter and a quilt? The comforter is held together with knots of crochet thread spaced throughout the item, whereas the quilt is held together with tiny stitches of either hand quilting or, in recent years, some have been done with machine quilting. All will be on display prior to being sold at the Benefit.

Most quilts are pieced, but sometimes quilts are made from printed fabric and quilted around the design.  Whole cloth quilts use plain fabric, and a beautiful design is quilted on them. The pieced quilts have the individual blocks put together in a specific pattern—some are new and different, some are patterns or variations of patterns (such as the popular Log Cabin style) that have been used by quilters for years. Some years, friendship quilts have been featured at the Benefit. Friendship quilts were made many years ago with each block made and signed by friends. These types of quilts are often of special interest to descendants of the people named on the blocks.  

2023 Quilts; Check back in Fall of 2024 for this year's quilts

    Note: Click on a quilt to see it larger. You may need to click on the i  to see the description (especially on mobile devices).

The quilts will be sold both Friday evening and Saturday morning.