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Building Project FAQs

The primary components of the project involve new construction of a CCDI
(Chronic Confusing Demented Illness) unit, to include 16 private rooms with a
secure outdoor courtyard…and renovation of existing space into 28 Assisted
Living (AL) apartments. Other improvements will include relocation of the
commercial kitchen as well as other services currently offered.

To be a true ‘Continuing Care Community,’ it is important to have the range of services needed throughout the entire aging process. We have Independent Living, which is just that – for those who can still live on their own but want to downsize and have us ‘do the work for me.’ We have full nursing care, which requires the ultimate care along the spectrum of needs. What we DON’T have is the step in between – Assisted Living. You still have some semblance of independence, but we will do some of the things you’re unable to do, such as cooking, keeping meds organized, your laundry or perhaps some of the housekeeping.

Memory Care (the CCDI component) is becoming more and more necessary in long-term care, as an increasing number of persons are being diagnosed with a dementing illness. Simply put, we want to provide the type of care needed at all levels of the process.

We are finishing up the design stages of the project; at this point it is a total project of $13+ million. A portion of the project will be financed using qualified lending institutions; a significant portion will also include charitable giving. To date, more than $2.5 million has been committed through charitable giving.

Groundbreaking actually happened in early November 2021. Assuming all goes according to plan, portions of the project will be completed by late ’22 or early ‘23. The timeline for the entire project indicates completion by the summer of ’23.

Much depends on the weather and other factors. For various reasons it is likely that the Assisted Living portion of the project will begin first, although the intention is to do much of the project simultaneously.

Our advancement office (Larry Swartzendruber and executive director Jeffrey Schmidt) would love to discuss this with you!  Both can be reached at 319.656.2421, ext. 149 (Larry) or 112 (Jeffrey). Email addresses are LSwartzendruber@pvkalona.com and JSchmidt@pvkalona.com.  (Extensions of current commitments are also welcome!)

Cash giving is the simplest. However, gifts of stock, estate gifts, and other forms of planned and/or deferred giving are also welcome, and we’ll be happy to help in that process. Also, we have received one-time gifts as well as multi-year commitments; whatever your financial situation, we will work with you.

See our Donations page for more information

Our guidelines for naming can be found in Naming Guidelines, and we will be glad to work with you in identifying how that happens.

Please contact our marketing director, Mikayla Fisher, at 319.656.2421, ext. 160; her email address is MFisher@pvkalona.com.

Our new Friendship/Community Center is anticipated to be open in December 2022. The assisted living is anticipated to be open in the Spring of 2023. The memory care is anticipated to be open in the Winter of 2023.