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March Update

A quick update on our much-needed building project…


We know it feels as though nothing is happening, and that the project has perhaps been forgotten. Nothing is further from the truth; please believe us when we say it IS going to happen, and there IS behind-the-scenes activity!


So what is going on? In short, the major source of funding for the project, while approved, is at a standstill until some architectural issues are sorted out. There has been significant movement in that regard, and that does mask some of the frustrations!


In the meantime, yet a third cottage has been moved off the premises, with several additional ones slated for relocation as well. The west side of campus is a ‘visible work in progress,’ with construction materials having been moved in over the past week or two.


Inside the facility, we invite you to take a look at a few renderings of the finished product. Those are located in the main lobby and also in the Friendship Center. As the construction unfolds, additional drawings will be located around campus.


The most common question at this point: “Is it actually going to happen?” And to that we reply with a resounding yes! We regret the seeming inactivity and slow process, and yet the optimism is there and the hope is renewed with each passing day.


We ask for your patience (and ours as well!), faith, and continued hope, as we look forward to providing yet more opportunities in this process of “living in community!”

Rendering of the outside of the main entrance

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