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Project in Full Swing

There’s digging and dust and dirt and demolition. Throw in some concrete work and a lot of noise, and that’s just part of the recipe for Pleasantview’s “Building on Tradition…Envisioning the Future” campus improvement plan!


Easily visible is the work being done on the southwest corner of campus, where a stand-alone Friendship/Community Center is in the process of construction. The facility is needed due to the current one being renovated into state-of-the-art physical and occupational therapy space…which will be more centrally located for our residents, primarily those in skilled care. The Friendship Center is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2023.


Not as noticeable, perhaps, is the activity on the north side, where similar progress is being made on the new CCDI unit. CCDI stands for Chronic & Confused Dementing Illness, better known as Memory Care. As more and more elderly are being diagnosed with some form of dementia, it is imperative that specific space be dedicated to their care, often more individualized. To that end, a 16-bed unit and adjacent courtyard will attach to the current structure at two points.

As a part of that facility, the commercial kitchen will be relocated to a more convenient spot to serve residents more efficiently.

The CCDI unit is scheduled for a summer 2023 completion.


Least visible to the public is the renovation of Pleasantview’s original U-shaped facility on the campus’ east side. What once was a 50-room, 3-story facility housing those with moderate health needs will soon become 28 Assisted Living (AL) apartments on the top two levels (the bottom level will continue to serve as administrative offices).


The AL is a crucial piece of the continuum of care. Residents living independently in the Village typically move to AL, and many times ultimately into long-term nursing care. Pleasantview currently lacks that component, forcing residents to a) move into nursing perhaps prematurely; b) stay in their cottages longer, at the risk of needing more healthcare; or c) move completely off the Pleasantview campus to other communities where needs can more effectively be met.


Consequently, the AL is one of the first-phase projects; construction crews have spent much of their time ‘gutting’ the interior in preparation for the transformation. It is taking on a new interior appearance as some of the framing is already occurring.


This portion of the project is scheduled for completion in the spring of ’23.


Other site work is taking place, and will continue to. Inside work over the next couple of years will include the addition of a bistro and a small library, additional outdoor courtyard space, and the relocation of dining facilities, the salon, new restrooms and more.


The entire project is slated for a summer 2024 completion.


Support for the project continues to be solicited, with more information available by contacting Director of Advancement Larry Swartzendruber at 656-2421 or LSwartzendruber@pvhome.com.


Meanwhile, let the chaos continue!

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