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The Progress Continues

In a post that is long overdue, it is only natural to look back on our stated goals, marking progress to some extent on photographs. Photos do not tell the complete story, but it must be stated that the building and renovation project itself is not yet complete.

More than two years into the process, it is an understatement that there have been visible changes and improvements. If one takes a look at the pictures, it is obvious that they are exterior shots. That is what immediately meets the eye when stepping foot on campus, whether it be the Friendship/Community Center (new construction), the Memory Care facility (new construction), the Maintenance facility (new construction), or the Assisted Living complex (renovation). New pavement and a covered entry to the main lobby also falls into the ‘new construction’ category.

All of the stated pieces of the puzzle have for all practical purposes been completed, and as of the end of April the focus has been on interior work for more than a few months. This part of the project is phase II, with yet another phase to begin soon.

Building and structural changes do little to enhance the care offered to Pleasantview residents; perhaps numbers and figures gives a better understanding of options for residents.*

Friendship/Community Center  –  this facility replaces the previous one built in the early 2000s, and is a stand-alone facility with a commercial kitchen, gathered space for larger groups (100+ persons), a small library dedicated to the memory of deceased Independent Living resident Doug Goodner, and a fitness area. The facility may be reserved and/or rented, and one can email Mikayla Brokaw for more information: mbrokaw@pvkalona.com.

Memory Care Center  –  early in the 1980s, such a facility was on the minds of many. Several attempts to raise funds took place, but with the current project, it is coming to fruition. This facility provides a low-stimulus atmosphere for those residents with various forms of dementia. A few items of note: a) outdoor space and walking areas (courtyard) connected to the Memory Care Center will be named after former resident Virginia McAndrew, thanks to the generosity of her children and grandchildren; a quiet area of the facility will be named after David L. & Verna Yoder, due to the generosity of their children, grandchildren, and other extended family. This room will be a meditation room, as David was a Pleasantview chaplain and Verna resided in the low-stimulus unit on 3rd floor. And c) an outdoor patio area will recognize Leslie Hostetler, thanks to some generous memorial gifts. As of late April, the entire 16 rooms are occupied. For information about future unoccupied rooms, you’ll want to visit with Ann Drobot: adrobot@pvkalona.com.

Gifts and commitments in the amount of $50,000 or more from one individual, couple, or family unit will afford the opportunity to ‘name a room’ in this facility. Please contact Larry Swartzendruber (lswartzendruber@pvkalona.com for further information.

Maintenance Garage  –  situated on the northeast corner of campus, a new garage was constructed out of necessity. First, the cottages lining the north side of campus (and the maintenance facility) needed to be removed to accommodate the new Memory Care facility. Secondly, as Pleasantview now does its own snow removal and yardwork, more space was needed to house equipment.

Assisted Living –  this was the missing piece along the full continuum of care. Rather than build new, Pleasantview was assured that though it might pose some problems in the renovation of the original building on campus, the fact that “this building has good bones” provided more pros than cons. By far, it was the most complicated of the individual projects. Boasting 28 apartments  —  some studios, some 1-bedroom  —  this option provides a level of care between Independent Living and full nursing. More than half of the units are occupied; inquiries should be directed to Mikayla Brokaw.


Gifts and commitments in the amount of $75,000 or more from one individual, couple, or family unit will afford the opportunity to ‘name an apartment’ in this facility. Please contact Larry Swartzendruber for further information.

Portico  –  a seemingly minor addition to the exterior is actually an important piece: the portico leading into the main entrance of Pleasantview. The entrance also serves as the pickup and drop off point for all entering and exiting the facility, and this structure stretches over the driveway to provide protection from rain and snow.

That brings us to the interior. Upon completion of the specific areas, there will be ‘soft openings’ for the public to see the project first hand; watch for more information. Key components of what’s happening include the removal of resident rooms on the east hall of the nursing area, replaced by new restrooms, a 3-chair salon, a library/computer room, relocated dining space for nursing resident, a small bistro for residents, families, staff, and visitors, and expanded lobby and reception space.

Additionally, the commercial kitchen will be relocated to an area between the lobby and the Memory Care area, setting off a sort of chain reaction to further renovations. The long-time space for the dining and kitchen areas will be converted into Medicare suites, to serve those with post-acute care needs. Linked to that 6-room addition, literally, will be the new physical and occupational therapy space…in what was the previous Friendship Center.

We’re just about to enter the final stage of major work being done. We’re thankful and blessed to care for our wonderful residents, regardless of the level of care needed. It feels good to offer living options at all levels.

We are also grateful for the continued support of our community near and far, and to partner with so many who have committed resources to support our mission and vision. Please know that fund-raising continues; please contact Larry Swartzendruber.

Assisted Living
Assisted Living
Assisted Living
Friendship Center
Ambulance Garage
Maintenance Garage
CCDI/Memory Care

*Many of the buildings will eventually be more formally named, either in honor of someone or simply to provide a more peaceful or comfortable connotation.