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What is the cost of the project?

As the project moved forward, unfortunately so too did the costs. There are numerous reasons for that, but the fact is that the project is in the neighborhood of $18,000,000. In addition to financing received, we have raised approximately $3.5 million in charitable giving.

Why these two areas?

To be a true ‘Continuing Care Community,’ it is important to have the range of services needed throughout the entire aging process. We have Independent Living, which is just that – for those who can still live on their own but want to downsize and have us ‘do the work for me.’ We have full nursing care, which requires the ultimate care along the spectrum of needs. What we DON’T have is the step in between – Assisted Living. You still have some semblance of independence, but we will do some of the things you’re unable to do, such as cooking, keeping meds organized, your laundry or perhaps some of the housekeeping.

Memory Care (the CCDI component) is becoming more and more necessary in long-term care, as an increasing number of persons are being diagnosed with a dementing illness. Simply put, we want to provide the type of care needed at all levels of the process.